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Welcome to Foxhole Bronze Sculptures

All of my sculptures are hand made in the USA ! Based out of my Sierra Nevada foothill home in California, we can ship to anywhere in the USA. My bronze sculptures are one of a kind and you won't find anything like them anywhere else. In addition to selling my sculptures at art shows, galleries and horse shows, I welcome commissions and can match the finish to the color of your horse or pet.

My work was recently chosen to be on display at the Western Design Conference in Jacksonhole, Wyoming. We were very excited to be accepted to this prestigious event !

We are now home from the "Largest Horse Show in the World" - the 65th Annual Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show. Beautiful weather this year ! Our next show will be at Rancho Murrieta. More Information coming soon....

(Unfortunately, due to Covid 19, our Rancho Murrieta date has been cancelled). We will post dates for upcoming shows as soon as those dates have been confirmed. Thanks for your understanding, and check back with us soon !

About The Scupltures

Arabian Horses are Marci Noroña's passion. She custom designs each sculpture out of clay, which then goes to the Foundry for the mold process. Waxes are taken from the molds, and Marci does the last touch ups on the waxes.  Another mold process is done from those waxes.  Molten Bronze is then poured into those molds at the Foundry (as seen in the video). Its a facinating, multifaceted process with a bit of danger thrown in !

Base's can be made from many options...Exotic finished wood, Live Edge, Burl, Stone slabs, or make a suggestion for yourself. 

All Foxhole Bronze sculptures can be done in your choice of Patina (prices vary), making them more personal... especially if you own an animal and want the bronze to reflect those colors. 

She can also do a commissioned  bronze (even from a photo), any size, small to Life size ! 

Production costs for larger sizes will be added, to include time & material. 

While at the Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show in 2019, I met Marci and saw the display of her beautiful sculptures. She had a trophy there that I purchased because my favorite Mare had won a 1st place award in a past show, but unfortunately, it had been destroyed in a fire. I was so thrilled to find something that I could make a "memory" to my Mares past show award... and was excited to have a piece of Marci's work. 

Foxhole Bronze
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About The Artist

Marci Noroña

Foxhole Bronze Artist

Marci Noroña is a Bronze Sculpture Artist, living in the Sierra Nevada Foothills of California. She started her Sculpture endeavor quite accidentally... at the time, she had been raising Arabian Horses for 16 years. One day she started playing with some children's Play Dough, sculpting an Arabian for the first time in her life. She realized that what she had done was possibly worth taking further. To preserve it, she BAKED it !  Her next steps were contacting Bennett Sculpture, a Nationally known Bronze Foundry that had moved into the Placerville area. Having no formal training in sculpture, she was tentative...but Bennetts were intrigued and extremely encouraging. She had them cast her first Bronze colt "Hesitation". When the Bennett Foundry closed, her work took a hiatus. Marci is currently working with Frostad Atelier Foundry in Sacramento, and feels very fortunate to have found them... they're like "family" ! She is sculpting new pieces again, and loves working with everyone at the Frostad Atelier Foundry !

About the Name Foxhole Bronze

"I live in the Sierra Nevada Foothills, in a cozy, woodsy A-frame, surrounded by beautiful trees and a small pond. Friends have called it my “Foxhole”. Since it’s also where I do my sculpting, It seemed quite fitting to name my business Marci’s Foxhole Bronze."